What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art that originated in the Kingdom of Siam, known today as Thailand. Originally developed for use by the Siamese military during close-quarter combat, Muay Thai is often referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs for its ability to strike a person using eight points of contact mimicking weapons of war. The hands are the sword or dagger, the elbows are like a heave mace or hammer, the legs and knees are the axe and staff, and the shins and forearms are hardened to become the shield and armor to protect against blows. Utilizing the whole body as a weapon, the Muay Thai warrior would grapple while standing (what is known as “clinching”), gifting his enemy with elbow and knee strikes before spinning them to the ground for the final blows.

Today, Muay Thai continues as Thailand’s national sport that has rules and uses equipment similar to Western boxing. Muay Thai is now internationally recognized by fighters from all spectrums of martial arts as an essential style to master in order to become an all-around multifaceted fighter, as well as recently being accepted as an Olympic sport.

Since Muay Thai has become so popular on a global scale, new training camps and gyms continue to open around the world. While Muay Thai has its roots in combat and has developed into tough careers in the ring, modern practitioners can scale the way they wish to practice from having a great workout and a fun hobby or learning self-defense, all the way up to competing in the ring.

Victory Muay Thai System

The fundamental and traditional training methods of Muay Thai have a proven track record that continues to create great fighters. At Victory Muay Thai we continue those training fundamentals and traditions while also using modern sport science methods and evolving training techniques to not only create great fighters but amazing athletes.

To possess the proper techniques needed in Muay Thai, we need to build strong functional athletes. Therefore, we believe in teaching proper movements by focusing on plyometric, strength, and conditioning training to help build the body to gain abilities. Our philosophy when building our bodies is to perform every exercise to perfection. We would rather have one perfect rep than 100 reps with poor form. This not only helps the body to build quality strength and technique, it also keeps the body from having unnecessary short and long term injuries.

As for teaching the skill of Muay Thai, we believe in focusing on the fundamentals of every technique. Going beyond the classes of just smashing the Thai pads, we also focus on perfecting each skill through fine adjustments and critiques. By doing so, we produce a well-rounded student who has better proficiency, speed, and power. Even more, our controlled, hands-on training methods have proven to produce faster results while maintaining a safe training environment, allowing every student at Victory Muay Thai to have a fun learning experience while gaining usable skills as they progress.